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Democracy comes from the people who support the NLD
I do not want to.
Do the people and the military as a whole want it?
It's good to be asking
You need to understand.
If you want democracy, you need a just democracy
Only by accepting the path can it be true democracy.
One party is on the path to democracy
If you rule, One-party dictatorship
If it is to be implemented, it is democracy
No, it is the same as being dictatorial.
All ethnic groups on the path to democracy
You have to participate. Representatives from each party
The path to democracy to include candidates
It paved the way for the presidency of President Thein Sein.
The military is acting in accordance with the constitution to bring about justice and democracy
This is stated in Article 1 of the Constitution.

Because of these legal provisions
UEC voter list statements without accurate elections; Due to complaints from various parties, the military has to check the voter lists to ensure true democracy in accordance with the constitution.
Voter fraud cases have been repeatedly reported in front of the media by the Tatmadaw.

Win Myint from the Tatmadaw to solve the election problem
Suu Kyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
In writing, he called on parliament to suspend voting.

Democracy is about one person
It is not designed to be organized.
The government and the military must work together to bring true democracy to the people for democracy to succeed.
The government won because of democracy
Which party has the right to win?
Is it true or not? Has the right to check
This is the election procedure
It is ethical.

I would also like to report on the arrests of some MPs and some ministers, including the arrest of Daw Suu Kyi and U Win Myint by the Tatmadaw.

The judiciary of the state; Development
Mandaing Local government functions:
Foreigners have the right to rule
It is not included in the provision.

The constitution states that the government and the military must take care of the state on behalf of all citizens.

This is the first time that I'm going to take action against Suu Kyi.

The Tatmadaw came up in 2015/2016
If the NLD 'government had been punished for this,
It will be said that the NLD is dirty because it does not want to give a place
A citizen violates a law
I was watching what happened.

If action had been taken at that time, the current CDM would have been from 2015/2016.
The military did not want a riot and watched what Suu Kyi would do next.

I would like to point out five things that Suu Kyi used her government power for her own benefit.

First of all, I bought a plane with ammunition and a car with ammunition

💥 The second point is with the state budget
NLD 'party offices spend money for the party

Third, international lending is taking place abroad
He opened a bank account and stole a third.

Fourth, the state funds were used for the Khin Kyi Foundation

Fifth, with the state budget
It was shared with some ministers and some members of parliament.

These five points are not allegations
Findings of Evidence
State with international borrowed capital
Administrative mechanism for 5 years
Operational management mechanism operation
Operation of local development machinery
Public support; The military provides installment loans to soldiers and civil servants
When auditing installment loans
Only two-thirds are used for the state
The other image is shown in the list (-).
Some NLD ministers have been arrested
Some MPs in these matters
He was arrested for involvement.
First of all, it is a matter of money.

Another point is the military and the government for five years
There was no cooperation at that time. Only the government and the military could work together in the country
You will be able to walk into a new country.
I would like to clarify any inconsistencies.